The North Coast in Mallorca Unforgettable Routes

Discover in Mallorca Unforgettable Routes. Are you going to miss it?
Serra Tramuntana Natural Site
Serra Tramuntana Mallorca
Serra Tramuntana Mallorca
Mallorca Unforgettable Routes
The North coast Mallorca
Discover in Mallorca Unforgettable Routes
The North coast Alcudia Beach
Caló des Moro Mallorca Beach
The North coast Caló des Moro Beach
Caló des Moro Mallorca Beach
The North Coast Mallorca
Caló des Moro Mallorca Beach
The North Coast Mallorca Unforgettable Routes

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Spectacular natural landscapes on the north coast.

One of Mallorca’s most famous attractions is the Cap Formentor on the northernmost tip of the island. Rugged cliffs plunge almost vertically into the sea and from the lighthouse you have an overwhelming view of the glittering waters of the Mediterranean.

The Serra de Tramuntana is at its most fabulous where the range culminates on the Cap de Formentor, flicking out into the Med like a dragon’s tail.

Northern Mallorca is the island’s heart and soul, bundling coastal drama, cultured towns with spirited fiestas, a twinset of white-sand bays and an exciting portfolio of adventure sports into one enticing package.

The Caves Of Drach – Porto Cristo – Factory Pearls Orquidea

Just a few meters from the sea, beside the harbor of Porto Cristo, the Caves of Drach are one of Mallorca´s top tourist attractions.

Sightseeing Tours


Dream beaches on the north coast
North coast of Mallorca.

The long bay of Alcúdia is one of the tourist hotspots on the island. For miles, the sandy beach stretches along the coastline. The beach leads to shallow bathing areas which makes for the ideal family seaside holiday.

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