Cala d’Or (The Golden Bay)

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Cala Dor Beach Mallorca

In Cala d’Or you really get an all-round holiday experience with wonderful beaches, interesting excursions, well-preserved nature and a varied nightlife.
Cala d’Or is a holiday resort well suited to families, couples and yachties. The region is largely characterised by numerous small scenic coves and sandy beaches. In addition to the eponymous Cala d’Or beach, there are many more worth exploring: Cala Gran, Cala Petita, Cala Ferrera, Cala Egos, Cala Esmeralda, Cala Serena, Cala Galera and Cala d’es Forti.

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A coquettish beach among the pine forests. Although it is quite small, sun terraces have been made so that you can all enjoy it.
Away from the waves It is one of the cosiest sandbanks protected from the waves in Santanyí, so much so that it has a cape that extends into the coastline, which serves as shelter. However, this implies that from the beach you cannot enjoy sea views.


Finding a name for this beach was an easy task. The blue and green tones of the water remind you of this precious stone.
This small sandbank flanked by low rocky areas is one of the beaches in Cala d’Or that has had little impact from society. The hotel establishments and apartment blocks as well as residential areas are at a reasonable distance from the beach.


As indicated by its name (the big cove), it is the biggest beach in Cala d’Or. It’s a calm beach ideal for anchoring.
Known for being narrow, for its cliffs and fine sand, for its thick pine forests and calm waters and as a perfect anchoring spot. This natural environment is shared with the villas, which fit in nicely in the landscape, and various large hotels, located at the back of the beach, making Cala Gran the most built-up in the area.

Cala Egos Mallorca

Also known as Caló de ses Egos, it is a rocky as well as sandy beach, quite small, coquettish and very clean.
Depending on how you look at it, it could seem a private beach belonging to the various hotels surrounding it. They are on top of the beach. In fact, the restaurants on the beach belong to these hotels. Even so, it is a very nice beach and usually is kept very clean.


One of the most beautiful and imposing bays of the island, declared a Natural Park in 1992
It is divided into two beaches: s’Amarador and Mondragó, both spectacular. Its fine sand and shallow waters make it the perfect beach for the youngest members of the family. At the back of the beach there is a wetland inhabited by eels, water snakes and birds.

Cala Figuera Mallorca Cala Dor


Cala Figuera spreads two ways in the shape of a ‘Y’, creating the Caló d’en Busques and the Caló d’en Boira.
Caló d’en Busques has one of the most protected fishing ports of the archipelago. Throughout these two coves you can admire the wooden boats, the fish markets, the small fisherman houses, the nets drying in the sun, the artisanal docks and the remaining little stone houses.

Cala Santanyi Beach Mallorca

A beautiful yet very crowded beach located 6 km from Santanyí. Fully equipped with services, Cala Santanyí offers a complete family day out.
A beautiful path starts at Cala Santanyí leading to Es Pontàs; a natural stone bridge over the sea that leave those who visit it breathless. Being a beach of easy access as well as offering many services, it is one of the most popular during the summer.

Caragol Beach Mallorca
Caragol Beach Mallorca

A paradise away from any civilization located in the south of the MaLLorcan island
One of the biggest virgin beaches of Mallorca, far from any urban center, only has in its vicinity the Cap Salines Lighthouse. It is a sandy beach with turquoise and crystal clear waters, ideal for long relaxing baths, while the silhouette of the Cabrera archipelago is appreciated. Its surroundings are formed by a fabulous and pristine dune system and rocky barriers, as well as some vestiges of the Spanish civil war.

Cala Serena Beach Mallorca

As its name declares, this small sandbank is full of serenity beneath the sun. The perfect place to get away from our daily routines.
Cala Serena is a small and calm sandbank with a nearby residential area called Cala Serena, which means there are a few swimmers, no like the neighbouring Cala Ferrera. However, it is still the ideal place to hide away among nature and crystalline waters.

Cala d’Or, Cala Mitjana

At only a few kilometres from Cala d’Or, Cala Mitjana is a beautiful clear water cove. It is not easily accessible, but it’s worth it.
Cala Mitjana is rather a small beach. Only 30 metres wide, it is covered with wonderful white sand. It is relatively difficult to get there since there is no road, but this becomes an advantage since it is rarely full (except for the months of July and August when it is high season in the island, of course)

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