Excursion Beach Calo des Moro


Es Calò des Moro is one of those picture perfect calas that takes your breath away. It is located in the south east of the island, six kilometres from Santanyí. ‘One of the last paradises of Mallorca.

Excursion minimum 4 hours.

4h/ 180 €
5h/ 220 €
6h/ 250 €
The price is for car ( max. 4 persons )

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Excursion Beach Calo des Moro


Setting & location

The actual beach area is very small and the water comes up quite far, which explains the little sandy barriers sunbathers had made when I visited. The sandy spaces are limited and interrupted by rough rock, where people sit or leave their bags while swimming. When it’s busy there’s little space to lay down a towel. It’s definitely a cala that will appeal to those preferring to swim rather than sunbathe.

Water safety & clarity

Stunning turquoise water glistens between rocky cliffs which are covered with bushes and pine trees. On one side is a cavern where the water cools down significantly, and I watched some adventurous swimmers climb up the side of the rock for an exhilarating jump.

What is there to do?

Due to it being so small, it’s not a beach you would spend a whole day at. Neither is it suitable for small children as there’s little space to play. The beach is unguarded and there are no facilities.

Minimum 4 hours


4 h / 180 €
5 h / 220 €
6 h / 250 €

The price is for car ( max. 4 persons )

Source of information: https://www.seemallorca.com/beaches/




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