Caimari – Monasterio De Lluc – Sa Calobra


    колата е за 4 човека и може да побере до 4 куфара

    може да се поръча само, когато пътува 1 пътник



Our first stop will be in Caimari

Only a few km away from Inca, you will discover a different world and even those who claim they know the island well, may be surprised, what they will find. Caimari is famous for the olive oil produced and we will visit the factory,and the shop.

Next stop is Monasterio de Lluc

The Santuari de Lluc is a monastery and pilgrimage site located in the municipality of Escorca in north-west Majorca. The sanctuary was founded in the 13th century after a Moorish shepherd found a statue of the Virgin Mary on the site where the monastery was later erected. Lluc is considered to be the most important pilgrimage site on Majorca. As it is located centrally in the Serra de Tramuntana the monastery is often used as a starting point for walking-tours. Each year, on the first weekend in August, there is a night walk from Palma to the sanctuary. The walk commences at 23:00 hours, leaving from the capital’s Plaça Güell.

Behind the monastery buildings is a botanical garden trail, containing a small exposition on preserving the environment of the Majorcan mountain region.

The last stop is Sa Calobra

Sa Calobra is situated at 38 kilometres from Sóller, between Morro de sa Vaca and Morro de ses Fel.les and below the Puig Major (1445 metres high), the highest mountain of the Balearic Islands.

The highlight of this very small beach with sand, gravel and pebbles comes after the pedestrian tunnel along the steep and abrupt cliffs, from where you can reach the wonderful mouth of the Torrent de Pareis, which has been an inspiration for artists and where there is a choir concert each summer due to the excellent acoustics.

This fact explains that the beach is very popular both for local visitors and tourists on the seaway or on a spectacular road with 14 kilometres of curbs, 12 of 180 degrees and one of 360, known as Nus de sa Corbata (the knot of the tie), with 900 metres difference in level.

The marine and underwater conditions are not good for anchoring boats, because it is exposed to the winds from the northwest-north-northeast, so that this coastal stretch is very dangerous to anchor on a sandy ground with rocks and gravel.

PRICE: 250 euros (1 to 4 persons). 5h



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