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In the Balearic Islands we find the main and largest island, Mallorca. That is where we can find the wonderful Cala Sa Calobra, hidden among huge cliffs, which gives place to a touch of magnificence unique in the whole planet.

However, the charms of Cala Sa Calobra do not lie solely in its geographical beauty. The difficulty to reach the area has become another attraction that transforms this narrow beach into the favorite of thousands of Mallorcan and visitors to the island.

Cala Sa Calobra is located in a small town called Escorca, about 38 kilometers from Soller, the largest town in the area. Formerly a small village where great characters lived, such as Joaquin Mir i Trinxet or Santiago Rusiñol.

Sa Calobra Creek has been formed thanks to the passage of thousands of years. The water that came down from the Serra de Tramontana through the Torrent de Pareis has been excavating a bed that today supposes the run of small streams that are going to die to the sea.

Said stream, which fell between steep walls, that is to say, the two high cliffs that protect the Sa Calobra cove, with more than 200 meters each, have today formed one of the most beautiful and paradisiacal corners of all Spain.

So, if you dare to approach Sa Calobra, Torrent de Paréis and all the magic of this area be assured that your adventure will be unforgettable.

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