The islands that form the archipelago of Cabrera island

Cabrera Island Mallorca

Located south of the island of Mallorca, the Cabrera Maritime-Terrestrial National Park is a collection of isles that together form the Archipelago of Cabrera. Although Cabrera is the main island of the archipelago, it consists of a total of 19 isles.

During your trip with Excursions to Cabrera, and before reaching the main island, you will be able to contemplate some of these isles, which have very peculiar names, usually related to the location’s characteristics.

Below is a list of the isles so that you can remember them for your next visit.

Na Foradada

S’Illot de Na Foradada

S’Illot Pla

Na Pobra

Na Plana



Na Redona


Illa des Fonoll

S’illa de ses Bledes

S’Illa de ses Rates

S’Estell Xapat

S’Estell de s’Esclatasang


S’Estell des Coll

S’Estell de Fora

With a very appealing weather and a yearly average of 18ºC, the archipelago of Cabrera counts with a surface of 10,021 hectares, 1,318 of which are on land and the other 8,703, under water.

Cabrera is more than just an island, it is an immense paradise. If this summer you come visit the archipelago, don’t hesitate to ask our crew about the isles and learn much more about them.